Lombard Area Ultreya - St. Pius X [MAP]
- Date: Saturday September 1st  -- 1st Saturday morning
- Time: 8:30 AM Mass. Grouping to follow.
- Witness Speaker: Joe Marten from Christ the King Parish
NOTE: No Ultreya in Lombard for July and August

Winfield Area Ultreya - St. John the Baptist [
- Date: Saturday S
eptember 8th -- 2nd Saturday morning
- After 8:30 am Mass in Sebahar Hall
- Witness Speaker:
Janet Mayer from St. Alexanders in Villa Park

Roselle Ultreya - St. Walters [MAP]
- Date: Saturday September 1
5th -  3rd Saturday morning
- After 8:30 am Mass
- Witness Speaker:
NOTE: No Ultreya in Roselle for July or August.

Bolingbrook Ultreya - St. Francis of Assisi [
- Date: Monday evening August 20th  -- 3rd Monday evening
- Grouping at 7:00 pm
- Mass at 7:30 pm
- Witness Speaker after Mass
- Witness Speaker:
Ed Burjek
NOTE: No Ultreya in Bolingbrook in July

Darien Ultreya - Our Lady of Peace [
- Date: Saturday
August 25th  --  4th Saturday morning
- After 7:30 am Mass
- Witness Speaker:  Colleen Hagen